• Why Humans Are Central to the Future of Work

    According to the 2019 International Employee Survey Report, humans — not robots — are central to the future of work. Despite the talks around artificial intelligence (AI) and robots replacing humans at workplaces, companies are exploring opportunities to make […]

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  • Do Candidates Need a Cell Phone When Applying for a Job?

    With the increasing popularity of the internet as an important resource for job hunting, smartphones have become a critical tool for finding and applying for jobs. Almost two-thirds of Americans now have smartphones, and for many, they are a […]

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  • Illinois Marijuana Legalization and How It Impacts Companies

    If there’s one thing that made headlines during the 2016 polls — apart from the Presidential election — it was the legalization of marijuana in various forms. Several states held votes to determine the future of legal marijuana in […]

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  • China and Manufacturing Tariffs — How They Are Affecting Manufacturers

    If you’re a manufacturer, you’re surely thinking about China and manufacturing tariffs. China’s decision to have their own tariffs on American goods after the Trump administration imposed three rounds of tariffs on over $250 billion worth of Chinese goods […]

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  • Temp, Contract, and Direct — Understanding Employment Types

    In the complex labor market, hiring managers typically have three employment types to choose from — temporary hires, contract-to-hire, and direct hires. By getting different types of hires on board, organizations can fulfill their staffing requirements during economic turmoil […]

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  • Recruiting Manufacturing Employees: How to Find Top Talent

    In spite of the widespread belief that manufacturing jobs are disappearing, many manufacturers are actually facing a worker shortage. Sound like your company? If so, you’re probably looking for new and innovative ways of recruiting manufacturing employees. The staffing shortage […]

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  • Managing Staffing Shortages in a Challenging Labor Market

    Now more than ever, good help is hard to find. A lack of qualified candidates is leading to serious consequences for many businesses, making managing staffing shortages a key component to organizations of all shapes and sizes. A recent […]

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  • The Importance of Past Job History in Industrial Candidates

    As a staffing and recruiting firm specializing in working with industrial companies, we know that hiring new employees can be a long and arduous process. It’s essential, however, that employers do their due diligence and learn about each candidate’s […]

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  • Drug Testing Trends for 2019

    A comprehensive drug testing program can help businesses promote a safer workplace and aid a productive work environment. Research shows that regular workplace drug screening can discourage drug use among employees. Drug testing can also have positive effects on […]

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  • Cybersecurity FAQs – What You Need to Know

    There is no denying that cyber-attacks present a grave danger to organizations and employees. With the growing dependence on technology to help store vital information, any cyber-attack can destroy a thriving business and harm a person’s reputation and personal […]

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